Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Decor Spotlight: Bits of the Past

This week’s Home Decor Spotlight features an interview with Suzanne from the Etsy shop Bits of the Past Antiques and Crafts. I am thrilled to share Suzanne with you because this is our first vintage store spotlight and I adore the items that she carries and I'm sure that you will too!

Tell us about your business, how you got started & how long you’ve been in business.

I have always had a love for vintage and picking. I was raised in a family of pickers. My aunt owned an antique shop and would wake up at three in the morning on weekends to find great deals. She was my biggest inspiration. I opened Bits of the Past a year ago when I had to stop working as a teacher. We adopted our third child, and I needed to be home. I had a difficult time transitioning from working full time to stay at home mom statuts. I am a mover! I cannot sit still. Starting Bits of the Past made sense. I had a hobby that I loved, and decided to turn it into profit. This was truly a great decision to follow my heart and begin selling. I am inspired daily by the amazing items I find, and I truly love what I do.

Do you have favorites in your shop?

 I love my metal crate! Even though I am selling it, the crate is currently in my bathroom being used as a shelf!

Vintage Metal Crate

I found these recipes in a cookbook dated to 1901.  I know that they are not this old, but the paper is yellowing and you can tell that whoever it was made the dishes a great deal.  Folded edges, fingerprints, etc. I love the history and the story I think of when I see these frames.
Vintage Recipes in Vintage Frames

Where do you get your inspiration for new products or items? 

To get my inspiration, I have to go looking. I get up early on the weekends in the Spring and Summer, and hunt. If something catches my eye, I buy it. If it is something that I can sell as is, I put it right into my shop. However, I sometimes find material remnants or old recipes. When I do find these, I snatch them up quickly. Some of my hottest items have been my handmade vintage chenille pillows and framed vintage recipes. If you like it,buy it. Chances are, someone else will see its beauty as well.

What’s coming up for spring? Do you have new products on the horizon? 

My goal for Bits of the Past this spring and summer is to add at least 3-4 new items weekly and promote. Mothers Day is coming up and I sell quite a bit around this time, so a sale is on the horizon as well. Finally, more chenille pillows are being made!

What one tip do you have for others who are thinking about starting their own businesses or are just starting out?

Only one! Patience is the key to an online business. It does not happen overnight, and many times, I was concerned that I would never make my first sell. It takes time to promote with blogs, teams, twitter etc. If you do all of these things and have patience, you will be successful.

Connect with Bits of the Past: 

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