Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Decor Spotlight: MeKaRo Gallery

In this installment of the Home Décor Spotlight, I have a chance to introduce to you Tameka with MeKaRo Gallery.  MeKaRo Gallery showcases home décor wall art and jewelry. Intriqued?  Excited?  Read on to learn more!  

Tell us about your business, how you got started & how long you’ve been in business.

I have been painting since 2002 and I have sold my work on other sites such as Overstock auctions. My Etsy site was opened in 2009 but I didn't put any inventory into the shop until about October of 2011. Painting and creating jewelry is a joy of mine.. I am an artist. In some respects I wish I could give my art away. However, supplies can be quite expensive so I decided that I wanted to share my work with people, so I opened the Etsy shop.

Do you have favorites in your shop? 

My favorite piece right now is this abstract:

Original Knife Painting_MeKaRoGallery

Where do you get your inspiration for new products or items? 

Inspiration comes from what I am going through in life and what I see those around me going through. At this time many people are dealing with a great deal of stress as a result there are pieces that serve as reminders of God’s grace and his love for us. Such as these pieces



In addition I try to create pieces that are calming and there are times that pieces reflect a certain frustration or torment that people are feeling at this time with the lack of jobs and the overall condition of the economy. I also love to make home decor signs.

What’s coming up for spring? Do you have new products on the horizon?

For spring you will likely see a great deal of Teal and Green in my shop especially for my signs and jewelry. I am also a poet and I plan to incorporate some of my poetry into my paintings in the near future.

What one tip do you have for others who are thinking about starting their own businesses or are just starting out?

 I am really just starting my business and I only have a few sales under my belt. My main advice would be to follow you passion and use every tool at your disposal to make your business successful. Don't get discouraged because it will take time and a great deal of effort. Building a business is not for the faint of heart.

Connect with MeKaRo Gallery.:

Human Calendar


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